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Buzzee Professional 10.0
First solution for global management of your emails, phone calls, calendar, fax, documents.
Buzzee Enterprise 10.0

All the power of your professionnal version including the best CRM  features.
Buzzee Corporate 10.0
Global information system bottom-up all your digital informations.
Delos Professional 10.0

ImageEmails management
  • Automatic archive management
  • Automatic classification
  • Email templates
  • Mailing
  • Full text search engine
  • Integrated spam blocker
  • Integrated antivirus
ImageOrganize and share your contacts
  • Universal contacts database 
  • Automatic duplicate merge
  • Unlimited contacts database
  • Multi structures management
  • Events history
  • Data protection and confidentiality
  • Full text search engine


Image Phone calls management
  • Reports
  • Automatic callback
  • Full text search engine
Image Faxes management
  • Automatic archive management
  • Automatic classification
  • Full text search engine
ImageTime management
  • Planning
  • collaborative tasks
  • Alerts
  • multi-user planning
  • Full text search engine


Image Files management
  • All format
  • Automatic archive management
  • Multi folder management
  • Full text search engine 
ImageAll time data access
  • Disconnected work mode 
  • Files backup
  • Fearless PC change
  • Realtime data access
  • Full text search engine





Your data are centralized, automatically classified and shared


Emails management

Image Delos Mail is the easiest and most powerful email server on the market today:

  • Antispam: optimized efficiency with 100% unsollicited mails blocked, without any lost
  • Antivirus: unique and reliable solution that allows efficient prevention of unknown virus
  • Automatic archive management: with 1Gb per mailbox, storage is centralized, mutualizable and extendible without limit. You don't need anymore to select your mails. Keep everything and earn time ! No mail is stored on your computer, all emails are archived automatically on the server
  • Automatic classification of mails under the contact history. Don't loose anymore your mails. You can track the history in a time basis
  • Email templates : create email templates easily in order to send them to one or several recipients
  • Emailing : You can easily create groups of recipients to send mails by numbers
    Each mail will be stored in the history of its recipient
  • Full text search engine with instant answer: find your mails !

Organize and share your contacts

Image Delos Contact is finally one single centralized address book:

  • Universal database (client, leads, suspects, providers, employees...) all your files are centralized
    No more duplicates or obsolete data
  • Automatic duplicate merge : you can easily merge contacts and consolidate their history
  • Unlimited contacts database : whatever the number of contacts, you have instant access to the whole data flow of your contact
  • Multi structure management : you manage companies with their subsidiaries, organizations by departments. With DelosContact you can access highly structured organizations without limit. You can assign as many contacts as you wish to each entity,
  • Events history: every exchanged data is automatically stored behind the right contact (emails, phonecalls, documents, faxes, appointment). You can also visualize all the events between all the contacts inside an organization with your coworkers
  • Data Rights Management: you can simply assign rights to your coworkers regarding his (her) responsabilities
  • Full text search engine with instant answer. Find the name of a contact by entering his firstname,
    his phone number, a mail content or a piece of an address

Phone calls management

Image phone calls management has never been so easy

  • Reports
  • Automatic callback
  • Full text search engine

Faxes management

ImageSimplify your faxes management

  • Automatic archive management
  • Automatic classification
  • Full text search engine

Time management

ImageWith Delos Planning, you manage efficiently your working day. Don't miss an appointment or a phonecall. Quickly organize a meeting and share your plannings among coworkers:

  • Planning daily, weekly and monthly
  • Collaborative tasks : create tasks for your coworking
  • Alerts on every appointment, tasks, emails and phone reports
  • Multi-user planning : visualize cumulative plannings of all your coworkers
    one-click appointement with several coworkers

Files management

ImageEvery files available to all of your coworkers

  • All file types (Word, Excel, PDF, Jpeg, Gif ...), No size limit
  • Automatic archive
  • Multi folder management
  • Full text search engine

All time data access

Image Delos Online Stay in touch

  • offline work : you can work offline and answer your mails
  • No files loss : with mirroring, you don't loose files anymore. Every synchonization is a backup.
  • Fearless PC change : you change your PC, your PDA, you upgrade Outlook ? No problem ! Data saving on Delos is the warranty to reach them back immediately
  • Thanks to the world best coverage, you can access in realtime your mails, your planning without synchronizing !

Delos Professional 10.0 installation

You have a domain address or a POP3 account

  • Hosted solution

    We take in charge directly of your mails, without interfering with your website

    You can keep reading  your mails with your usual app, like Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Outlook or  Eudora or you can use the Delos WebMail client from any computer with an Internet connection

    You can simply create as many addresses as you wish:,, without extra charge





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